Самые популярные глаголы английского языка

Бытует мнение, что для повседневного общения на английском достаточно знать 15 наиболее популярных глаголов. Заметьте, это всё неправильные глаголы. Из-за частого употребления они вышли за пределы общих правил и имеют свои собственные формы.

Итак, Наиболее употребимыми глаголами английского языка являются:

  1. Be (was,were/been) быть
    John was an excellent student in school, but now, he has many problems with the study.
  2. Begin (began/ begun) начинать
    She began to worry, because John was not at home all night long. It has never happened before
  3. Close (closed/closed) закрывать
    My favorite cafe was closed last week, I will never forget the taste of the lemon cake.
  4. Come (came/come) приходить
    My friend comes to visit me at 5 o’clock, I hope I have some time to prepare a pie.
  5. Do (did/done) делать
    I do not like to do physical exercises in the morning, because it is very tiring and boring.
  6. Find (found/found) находить
    I can not find the phone number of my new companion. I hope I will be able to do this in the near future, because to call him is the most important thing for me now.
  7. Get (got/gotten) получать
    I got an excellent mark on the last exam, I did not expect such a result and was very surprised when the teacher announced my mark. It was my small victory.
  8. Have (had/had) иметь
    I have a lot of friends in the Internet; unfortunately we never saw each other in the real life, but I hope we’ll ever meet.
  9. Make (made/made) делать
    I like to make toys with my own hands and to give them to my friends and familiar children.
  10. Open (opened/opened) открывать
    I was annoyed by the request to open the window. I do not understand people that think only of themselves.
  11. Play (played/played) играть
    I like to play computer games with my friends, because I always win.
  12. Start (started/started) начинать
    I started work on the new project, I hope it will be successful.
  13. Stop (stopped/stopped) останавливаться
    I walked in the park and stopped to listen to the birds sing.
  14. Travel (traveled/traveled) путешествовать
    I do not like to travel by car, because it takes a lot of time.
  15. Write (wrote/written) писать
    I like to write paper letters to my friends, There is something fascinating in the process of writing.